Today, Antonio Meloto is one of the world’s real heroes. He abandoned the comfortable life of executive officer at Procter&Gamble to embrace an invaluable goal: eradicating poverty in the Philippines through social entrepreneurship. He thus created Gawad Kalinga, an NGO, in 2003. The model is based on co-creation, with human capital and ethical values as the key factors. All stakeholders are included in this win-win project, from the poor to multinational companies. Up to now, 2400 communities have been created in the country, enabling one million people to escape poverty. To encourage the emergence of social entrepreneurs, the NGO also founded Enchanted Farms: social tourism sites, as well as a farm village university and a “Silicon Valley” for social entrepreneurship. Focus will be put on four such entrepreneurs accompanying Tony Meloto.

Camille Meloto is the Creative Director of Human Nature. This company specialized in organic cosmetics has now emerged as market leader, competing with P&G and L’Oréal without any marketing budget, thanks to the extraordinary momentum of the NGO.

Fabien Courteille is French. He fell in love with Gawad Kalinga’s initiative and created Plush and Play (handstitched soft and stuffed toys and felt items made by women in Gawad Kalinga communities).

Louis Faure is an HEC student and Vincent Tatel a Filipino who graduated from GK-SEED school. They cofounded FreeBirds, a model of an integrated small-scale free-range chicken farm. It aims at restoring land productivity, farmers’s dignity and supplying a market in high demand.

Date : 18 octobre 2016/ 18 October 2016